Crazy Heart photos

As part of the Jeff Bridges fan club, I am pleased to bring you some photos from the upcoming CRAZY HEART.

On Friday, you guys were really digging the official poster for the movie. Two interesting things got brought up by schmoes, FrancoYesca & corran horn: 1. Bridges channeling the f*ck out of Kris kristofferson 2. This really neat video of Bridges and Colin Farrell filming a scene for the movie. I'm not sure if they actually got Farrell to sing for the role. When I watched, his voice just didn't seem right. Stiil, it was pretty awesome.

Whether it's a CMT film or not, it will most likely be really good. Thinking of Bridges as an old, bitter, drunk country star just makes sense. Then again, the guy can be whatever he wants. I don't know where I'd be without a character like The Dude, or White Russians.

Extra Tidbit: Still not sure why Maggie Gyllenhaal hates the site. We're currently working on some theories....We love SECRETARY! Seriously, if you haven't seen it, it's so hot. Also, happy birthday!
Source: Fox Searchlight



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