Creation picked up

Things were looking dim for Jon Amiel's CREATION, the severely mistitled story of Charles Darwin and his wife, played by Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. For whatever reason, the film was being deemed "too controversial"for release by most, and was looking to sit on the shelf, whereas Ben Stein’s pro-creationist EXPELLED had a much easier time finding a distributor.

Well, someone brave enough to support that wacky theory that is “evolution” has stepped up to the plate in the form of Newmarket Films, and they’re now set to release the film in December. The best part? Newmarket also distributed the equally controversial PASSION OF THE CHRIST. If a Scientology movie ever gets made, I think we know the company to turn to.

From here on out I predict a relatively smooth release for CREATION, as those who would protest that film are more than likely already too busy picking universal health care. I’m not precisely sure what they have to do with each other, but you can’t deny that the groups do overlap. The rest of us will be looking forward to Paul Bettany’s mutton chops come December.

Extra Tidbit: I’m surprised no one has suggested Paul Bettany for HIGHLANDER yet.
Source: Variety



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