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Creative road posters


We know you guys like interesting takes on movie posters, so we've got some cool ones to share with you.

These posters were created by Edgar Ascensão of Brain Mixer. Each of the movies are accompanied by a certain road sign that best fits, as he says, a poster, an image, a symbol or idea of a movie. I picked out a few that I rather enjoyed.

Even though some say that a movie poster would be easy to make in photoshop, these movie lovers actually get up and do something clever. As opposed to just slapping the protagonist on a bland background with the films tagline that the majority of the time just isn't really that funny or good.

To check out the rest head on over to Ascensão's site.

Extra Tidbit: I've always had some sort of movie posters on my wall. The first one was Gremlins. What about you guys? What was your first movie poster?
Source: Brain Mixer



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