Creepy ass website debuts to promote Black Swan

Most people's most anticipated lists right now, including my own, have Darren Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN near the top. Not just for its promised Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman sex scene, but because it's supposed to be an intense, dark and moving psychological drama.

And just how fractured is the psyche of Portman's dancer in the film? Enough so that it needs its own website, a new viral endeavor called IWantToBePerfect.com.

Past the intro screen, it's an advent calendar of sorts as you can see above. In the days preceding the film's release, it reveals new short (very short, like 1-2 seconds) video clips from the film that are supposed to provide insights into the character's mind. So far all we have are some toes, a winged ballerina and some nail clippings.

If you made it black and white, it would kind of reminds me of the watch-it-and-die video from THE RING. It's possible there are hidden things in this site I'm missing, but I don't have an hour to hunt through it right now to find a magical pixel that reveals some greater clip. It seems pretty straight forward, but if any of you find anything interesting let me know.

Extra Tidbit: Does she turn into an actual black swan at some point? What's with those feathers in her back in the trailer?



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