Creepy man's in-depth reviews of Avatar and The Phantom Menace

Since today is bound to be a rather slow news day seeing as the Oscar noms are consuming all available news oxygen at the moment, I thought I'd share with you something I found a while back, but never had the chance to write up.

There’s a man known only as Mr. Plinkett who has done a YouTube video review series on why THE PHANTOM MENACE is in fact an awful movie. It’s seventy minutes long, but I guarantee a lot of you will watch it all the way through, as despite his (purposefully) creepy voiceover narration, his arguments are very well researched and quite logical indeed, and the whole thing is pretty damn hilarious once you get into it.

For those of you who HAVE seen this elsewhere, and believe it to be “old as f*ck” at this point, he also has a brand new two part video review of AVATAR, our new Oscar nom co-champion as of today. I’ve posted the first installment of both the PHANTOM MENACE and AVATAR reviews below. Trust me when I say to stick it out through at least the first video, it’s definitely worthwhile.

Extra Tidbit: He's allegedly doing ATTACK OF CLONES next.
Source: JoBlo



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