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Creepy teaser released for upcoming It remake


You know, as much as I love Tim Curry - and as much as I love his awesome take on Pennywise - other than him, that '90s TV adaptation of Stephen King's IT is actually pretty shitty. It's amazing how selective memory can really be. So I don't think any sacred cow is being slaughtered by remaking IT. Hell, I even prefer the new Pennywise design (though the jury is still out if the performance will be better.)

So without further ado here's a new teaser for the trailer. Trust me, I hate reporting on these too, but this one is at least atmospheric, and we even get to hear Pennywise for the first time:

And here's the new official poster:

Meanwhile, IT will hopefully give us nightmares September 8th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: What other Stephen King adaptation you think deserves a second chance? I'm holding out for LANGOLIERS myself.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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