Criminal Macabre a reality?

My first year at Comic-Con was awesome. I met a lot of people I always wanted to and even the JoBlo crew. But what really made me happy was when I got my "Batman: Gotham County Line" signed by Steve Niles.

Well, besides being a total nerd, I told Niles that I messed up because I forgot to bring my "Criminal Macabre" comic. He looked at me, smiled, and gave a look of joking disapproval. I let him know I was a huge fan of the comic and then he said something that made me excited. Niles told me that very soon they were going to put some news out on the "Criminal Macabre" movie. I insisted that Thomas Jane should play Cal McDonald to which he said that he and Jane have been close friends for five years now, and he's actually been who the character is modeled after. Niles wanted Jane and thought the chances were good because of the success of his new show on HBO, HUNG.

Needless to say when I saw Jane at the RAW booth, I spilled the beans to him and Jane was so eager to play the part. He kept asking exactly what Niles had said, and I told him the details.

Honestly Jane is a rarity. We encountered him at least five times during Con, and he was so great to his fans. After the GIVE EM' HELL MALONE screening, he wanted real opinions on the movie. He seemed so nervous about what everyone was thinking and really wanted something good.

So soon we should hear some news on "Criminal Macabre", and maybe, just maybe Thomas Jane will get to fill the role that was written for him.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, I felt like we were stalking Thomas Jane.
Source: JoBlo.com



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