Crowe for 3 Days

Crowe has just gotten an impromptu colonoscopy

I know why Paul Haggis' CRASH go so lambasted after receiving it's potentially overrated acclaim from the Oscars: Tony Danza only got 30 seconds of screen time. Somebody make a Who's The Boss movie already!! Okay, please don't. Really.

Haggis seems to be trying for a more unanimous Oscar win next time around, having just snagged regular Oscar hopeful Russell Crowe for THE NEXT THREE DAYS, a remake of the 2008 French thriller POUR ELLE. I was about to dish out vile sarcasm on Oscar chances versus remakes, but I just remembered I watched THE DEPARTED over 25 times... Dang!

The original film and it's Crowe'd redo concern a high school teacher who must come up with desperate measures to free his wife after she's been wrongfully convicted of murder. Since the original co-starred Diane Krueger, I wonder if Haggis will pull a VANILLA SKY and have her repeat herself. Nothing against her, but that would really be some lazy piece of casting. Plus she needs to be available in case Nic Cage wants to remake NATIONAL TREASURE a second time.

Extra Tidbit: Did I just open a can of worms and inspire some suit into a Who's the Boss movie? Will anyone forgive me if so?
Source: Variety



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