Crowe in the news

Russell Crowe commands your attention this morning with not one, but TWO newsworthy items. First, he'd like to announce to you that he now has a production company and that he's titled said company Fear of God films. The first film he would like to announce is DOLCE'S INFERNO, a romantic comedy about a LA gossip columnist. Mr. Crowe would like to add that he will not star in this film because he finds nothing romantic nor comedic about gossip columnists. Next, Russell Crowe is pleased to announce that Oscar nominated writer Brian Helgeland (MYSTIC RIVER, LA CONFIDENTIAL) will rewrite his next starring project NOTTINGHAM. The existing script was purchased for high seven figures by Universal but Russell Crowe cares not about such financial matters. That is but a pittance to him. The studio behind NOTTINGHAM, Universal, looks to get production underway early next year. Mr. Crowe would like to add finally that you can see him later this year in AMERICAN GANGSTER with some other guy [Ed. note: That other guy would be Oscar-winner Denzel Washington].

Extra Tidbit: You're not making direct eye contact with Mr. Crowe are you?
Source: Variety



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