Crowe wears a Bra

Russell Crowe, sick of letting second cousin twice removed Cameron Crowe get all the directing attention, has decided to take a seat in the director's chair. Crowe will direct BRA BOYS for Universal, which has nothing to do with transvestites. The film is actually a real-life tale about the surfing culture in Australia and will be a fictionalized account of the documentary of the same name (which Crowe not-so-coincidentally narrated). Stuart Beattie (COLLATERAL), a fellow Aussie, will write the script. Crowe has set up the project at his home away from home, Universal and Imagine, where he's worked with producer Brian Grazer on the just-wrapped AMERICAN GANGSTER and previously on A BEAUTIFUL MIND and CINDERELLA MAN. Crowe has TENDERNESS, 3:10 TO YUMA and GANGSTER both set for release this year. He also recently signed on to star in NOTTINGHAM, a retelling of the Robin Hood story. No word yet on when filming might begin on BRA (is that kinda like short for "brother"? What is the "Bra" cause I don't get it...).

Extra Tidbit: Russell Crowe and Cameron Crowe really are not related.
Source: Variety



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