Crowe's next details

You may remember that Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon had signed on to star in Cameron Crowe's upcoming untitled film for Sony Pictures. There were absolutely no details on the film but now the Gone Elsewhere blog has gotten their hands on the script and posted some details on what to expect. And it's not what you'd expect. Hawaii, military tensions, ghosts, supernatural mists and "Pacman Fever"? Yup, it contains all those things. In more familiar Cameron Crowe territory, it does contain a main male character who's unlucky at life and tracking down the love of his life. The site sums the film up thusly: "Tropical romantic adventure comedy with light sci-fi and heavy supernatural aspects." Huh? Me summarizing their summation of the script will only have you more confused than I am. One of the dangers of script reviews is that you jump to conclusions on something that isn't quite ready to be judged yet. But based on what I'm reading about Crowe's latest, I'm left scratching my head. The good news is that the script comes in at 142 pages (it's still untitled) and Crowe could already been in the fine-tuning stage before filming begins. You should definitely read it for yourself here (spoilers are kept to a minimum).

Extra Tidbit: I'm having JOE VS. THE VOLCANO flashbacks...
Source: Gone Elsewhere



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