Crowe's next film

So what's Cameron Crowe been up to lately?  Smarting from the critical drubbing he received for VANILLA SKY no doubt, but also hard at work on his next project.  The writer/director will return to what works with another comedy/drama he says is most like SAY ANYTHING than any of his other films.  Little is known about the film other than it's an ensemble character film and Crowe describes it as being "in the genre of life."  Not exactly sure what that means but cool.   Crowe recently talked about casting for the film, which begins filming later this year, and said that while we won't see a third collaboration with Tom Cruise, he does have a star in mind.  He says he "hopes we can work something out" with LORD OF THE RINGS star Orlando Bloom with whom he recently filmed a Gap commercial (the one with Kate Beckinsale and the people chasing them down the street).  It should be good to have the man back doing what works, especially considering we haven't had a quality film of that type in a while.  You can next see Cameron Crowe next weekend as he cameos in Cruise's MINORITY REPORT.

Orlando Bloom from LORD OF THE RINGS

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