Crudup weds Roberts

Billy getting Zapped in WATCHMEN

10 years after he played Stillwater's lead guitar Russell Hammond, I'm still waiting for Billy Crudup to get the leading man status and roles he seemed destined for. Dr.Manhattan doesn't count; if Andy Serkis couldn't get an Oscar for Gollum, Crudup shouldn't be credited too much for WATCHMEN.

Billy has signed on to EAT, PRAY, LOVE as Julia Roberts' husband, alongside Javier Bardeem and Richard Jenkins, for director Ryan Murphy who's other credits include show runner on Nip/Tuck. Just thought you should know. Never watched it myself, is it any good?

The film is based on the memoirs of one Elizabeth Gilbert whom Roberts will play as a happy in marriage lady who's fruitless pregnancy pushes her to leave her man and discover the world and herself. So I guess, what, about 5 maybe 10 minutes of screen time for Billy? Really, the biggest thing he's had since ALMOST FAMOUS is that darn blue dong. Come on bro, at least bring us another WITHOUT LIMITS.

Extra Tidbit: Let's play "Cast Billy". I say Matt Helm. Who says better?
Source: Variety



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