Cruise and Diaz 2.0

James Mangold, he of WALK THE LINE and 3:10 TO YUMA fame is set to dabble in the wonderful world of romantic comedies. His two puppets? Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Although the actors are only in talks to star in the untitled project, the film--once called WICHITA and TROUBLE MAN--would be a reunion of sorts for the former king and queen of Hollywood, after Diaz swallowed Cruise's cream in VANILLA SKY and bragged about it.

The story revolves around a woman who has awful luck with men but finds her path intertwined with a mysterious man she meets on a blind date. I guess the film has slight elements of sci-fi as well, because in the real world people who look like Cruise and Diaz don't go on blind dates. Those are reserved for people like me; people who suffer from hairy back syndrome and yellow teethitis.

Although popular with 20th Century fox for some time, the film's script has gone through several rewrites and at one point was set to star Chris Tucker and Eva Mendes. If Mangold can't land Cruise and Diaz for the title roles, I would personally like to see the Yuma boys, Christian Bale and Russell Crowe have a go at it. I wonder who would be on top?
Extra Tidbit: Will Cruise be wearing stilts for his scenes with Diaz?
Source: Variety



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