Cruise does Shrek?

Tom Cruise is one of the last of the A-list actors to not lend his voice to a animated movie. Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts...all at one time cartoons in a movie. Cruise could be looking to change that with a turn in SHREK GOES FOURTH. Cinema Blend is reporting that DreamWorks is "considering" Tom Cruise to voice the villain in the upcoming SHREK film. Now I think we can all agree that if Cruise says he wants to voice a character in SHREK GOES FOURTH, he'll be voicing a character in SHREK GOES FOURTH. There won't be any "considering" on the part of DreamWorks - they'll jump on it. So that much of the story I'm not sure I believe but it would seem that an offer is out to Cruise and the question is whether he'll take it. It would seem smart for Cruise to hop into a proven franchise rather than trying to launch a new movie but it's always hard to get some of Cruise's time so we'll have to see. Of course if they can't get Cruise, maybe they can just get Ben Stiller to do Tom Cruise...

Extra Tidbit: Cruise as the villain in TOY STORY 3-D would have something to see.
Source: Cin Blend



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