Cruise no Watchman

This is really non-news (reverse-news?) but presents an interesting "what if" scenario: apparently we were thisclose to getting toothy superstar Tom Cruise portraying one of the main characters in WATCHMEN.

Attempts have been made for years to get Alan Moore's seminal superhero conspiracy comic to theaters, with everyone from Terry Gilliam to Darren Aronofsky to Paul Greengrass desperately trying to fit the material into feature format. And now graphic novel adaptor Zack Snyder (300) is on the case, but will he finally get it to the finish line? That remains to be seen, but CHUD extracted some intriguing info from him about some near-miss casting -- namely that of the diminutive grin machine as (appropriately) the story's very own media darling/whore Ozymandias.

This isn't a huge surprise -- plenty of A-list talent wants to be involved in this project, considering it's come to be known as a defining presentation of the medium as true literature. Snyder also says that, much to the chagrin of Warner Bros., his goal is to make the film R-rated (and he'll likely get some leeway if 300 is a box office smash). Personally, I'm just hoping he can manage to get the cameras rolling.
Extra Tidbit: Jude Law previously expressed interest in playing Ozymandias -- although he has a tattoo of the masked character Rorschach.
Source: CHUD



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