Cruz set for Nine

Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Marion Cotillard are in talks to star in the upcoming Weinstein adaptation of the Broadway hit NINE. Catherine Zeta Jones and Sophia Loren (?!) have also been offered parts in the film but have yet to enter in negotiations. The musical is a retelling of Fellini's 8½ and follows a director (Bardem) struck by a mid-life crisis and struggling with his work and the women in his life. Cruz and Cotillard will play his mistress and wife respectively. Zeta Jones would play the director's muse while Loren the ghost of his deceased mother. Up until this point pretty much every actress in Hollywood who can sing (and even some who can't) have been mentioned in connection with some parts in the film including Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Katie Holmes (puhleeze). Rob Marshall (CHICAGO) is directing and choreographing the film based on the script by Michael Tolkin (Hey, he wrote GLEAMING THE CUBE! Best Christian Slater 80s skating movie ever!). Cruz and Bardem are currently both filming Woody Allen's untitled Barcelona movie in...Barcelona.

Extra Tidbit: Raul Julia and Antonia Banderas both played the lead role in previous Broadway versions of NINE.
Source: Variety



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