Cruz to Sarajevo

Penelope Cruz Delicious Spanish dish and recent Academy Award winner Penelope Cruz may be looking to Italy for her next film. Italian writer/director Sergio Castellitto, who had previously worked with Cruz on DON'T MOVE, is hoping to lure the Oscar winner back to working with him on his upcoming film VENUTO AL MUNDO (INTO THE WORLD). In the film, she would play a single mother who goes to Sarajevo where her son's father died during the Bosnian conflict. The film is based on the novel by Italian author Margaret Mazzantini, who also happens to be Castellitto's wife. Castellitto will, of course, direct and write the screenplay. So Cruz is looking to secure an Oscar for Best Actress now? Getting a little ambitious there, aren't we, Penelope? Actually, now that she's an Oscar winner, when's she gonna do a high profile comic book movie? Black Widow, anyone? Yeah?

Extra Tidbit: Cruz is only the second Spanish actor after Javier Bardem to win an Oscar for acting.
Source: Variety



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