Cuba goes to War

If you've been following the career of Cuba Gooding Jr. -- and let's be honest, you probably haven't -- you've seen him go from winning an Oscar for JERRY MAGUIRE to picking up Eddie Murphy's sloppy seconds, playing everything from mistakenly gay to shopping cart retard in between.

But now someone is putting him back in center frame for more serious material, or at least more serious than CHILL FACTOR or NORBIT. Gooding will star in the action-thriller THE WAY OF WAR, which is not the Snipesless sequel to THE ART OF WAR (that one's called INTERVENTION and stars rapper Treach). This one features Gooding as "a paramilitary operative who goes on a rampage after discovering a war conspiracy", which still sounds like it could be Snipes territory.

The movie is directed by John Carter (who is NOT from Mars) and is already shooting in Baton Rouge, LA. Gooding will next be seen this weekend in AMERICAN GANGSTER, although his name is buried pretty far down the cast list.
Extra Tidbit: Like his GANGSTER co-star Russell Crowe, Gooding was in a movie called GLADIATOR, the greatest boxing movie Brian Dennehy ever made.



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