Curious George the latest film to get steamrolled by the reboot train

Sure, there was already a CURIOUS GEORGE movie released back in 2006, and it even had Will Ferrell doing the voice of the Man in the Yellow Hat. But as you can see above, that was back in the Stone Age where some animated movies were still 2D, so therefore, naturally, we need a reboot with a third dimension. Right?

Well that’s at least what Universal and Illumination think, fresh off the success of DESPICABLE ME. They feel pretty unstoppable at the moment, and according to the LA Times, they’ll be developing a new GEORGE movie based on Larry Stuckey’s (LITTLE FOCKERS) script. I wonder if anyone’s dick will get stabbed with a needle? Errr, that’s going to sound really random if you didn’t watch the FOCKERS trailer.

According to the Times, "the movie is expected to feature the wry animated images of "Despicable Me" and will spin a new story of George the monkey/chimpanzee (depending on whether you favor H.A. and Margret Rey's text or the tail-less images) who's taken out of the jungle by an eccentric explorer to live in the city, where mischief always seems to find him."

Well that sounds about how you’d expect. I’m sure enough people don’t even remember the 2006 version where they could just bring Ferrell back. Now, how to add more characters who can ALSO be voiced by celebrities.

Extra Tidbit: The only book my from childhood I'm curious to see as a film is HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON.
Source: LA Times



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