Cusack runs Factory

Can someone please update John Cusack's Netflix queue? Obviously the guy has not seen THE REAPING, GOTHIKA, GHOST SHIP and the rest of the Dark Castle oeuvre. Because if he had, he wouldn't be signing on to star in THE FACTORY, another Dark Castle horror pic that wastes a talented cast. Cusack will star in the film as a cop searching for a serial killer only to find his teenage daughter is the latest victim. He then "goes all out" to find the killer. What was he doing before? Just going a little bit? Doing a half-assed job? The script was written and will be directed by Morgan O'Neill a former Australian actor who won that country's "Project Greenlight." Cusack is looking to earn his first Academy Award nomination for his upcoming heartbreaker GRACE IS GONE. So he follows it up with this... Filming is scheduled to begin in January (unless someone get shake some sense into Cusack).

Extra Tidbit: John Cusack is also the name of an Australian politician. Coincidence?
Source: Variety



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