Cuthbert talks 24 movie

About 30% of the stuff that you see on 24 is pretty crazy. When Jack Bauer jimmies open a lock with a handful of his pubes you know you've gotta suspend your sense of logic to enjoy it. But every single thing that happens to his daughter, Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) is just preposterous. I mean really, really crazy. Still, 24 is great because it's not a bunch of people in a courtroom talking (BOSTON LEGAL and such) and also because after it's finished you don't just sit there trying to process everything that has just happened (I love LOST but sometimes it's a headache). But does the idea of a 24 movie whet your appetite? Will this movie be 24 hours long? Will you need to book some sick leave to see it? Will Jack get laid? Will Kim finally listen to one god damned thing her father tells her? Well, Cuthbert recently got together with Cinematical to shoot the shit, mostly about the recent controversy surrounding CAPTIVITY, but also about the idea of a 24 movie. Click HERE to check out what she had to say!
Extra Tidbit: Cuthbert used to be a foot model. Because that's clearly her best asset.
Source: Cinematical



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