Cyrus in Sex in City

While I was, shall we say, hesitant, to believe the talk that Miley Cyrus had auditioned for Batgirl in full costume last month, this is a Hannah Montana casting rumor I think we can all put much more stock in. According to GossipCop, Cyrus shows up in the new SEX IN THE CITY sequel in at least one scene opposite Kim Cattrall.

The scene unfolds as Samantha shows up to a red carpet event in a dress designed to make her look “youthful.” Unfortunately, the three decades younger Cyrus shows up wearing the exact same dress, and some sort of catty exchange presumably takes place. No word on if that role extends to later in the film, or if it’s just a scene-long cameo a-la-“Entourage.”

Surely, there will be some talk about the involvement of the underage Cyrus in a project as notoriously R-rated as SEX IN THE CITY, but it’s not like Mr. Big is cheating on Carrie with her (though I might watch the movie just for that scene if it existed), it’s likely just a cameo of her playing herself. I have to wonder if Cyrus will every actually break out of the Disney bubble and start acting in real movies, or if she’ll end up as the next Lindsay Lohan. I think I know which way I’m leaning.

Extra Tidbit: The answer to your question is “16.”
Source: GossipCop



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