D-War: a winner?

Though it spent slightly less time gestating than an actual giant dragon, the lengthy wait seems to have paid off for D-WAR: the movie is a smash success in its home country of Korea, bringing in a healthy $20+ million in five days.

The movie had many years and millions devoted to it, during which time it grew an online following thanks to brief FX-filled clips promising a quality slightly better than the average Sci-Fi Channel Original. The box office take approached that of another hit Korean monster movie, the otherwise substantially different THE HOST.

D-WAR features such heavyweight talent as Jason Behr and Robert Forster, who contend with an ancient reptilian race wreaking havoc on downtown Los Angeles (which is still recovering from having the plaster smacked off it by huge robots). It'll reach these shores in a more limited capacity in September under the title DRAGON WARS. And it may look like a videogame cut-scene, but I still wanna see it.
Extra Tidbit: See the most recent serpentine trailer RIGHT HERE.
Source: Variety



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