Da Vinci 2 scrapped

It looks like you'll have to wait a while longer to see Tom Hanks return to his weird-haired professor for the DA VINCI CODE follow-up ANGELS & DEMONS.

The movie is one of the first major projects to officially get shifted because of the current writers strike in Hollywood. The plan was for the prequel (which I thought had been reworked as a sequel) to start shooting early in 2008, but the studio has apparently decided that writer Akiva Goldsman's script -- rushed to make the November 1st deadline -- wasn't quite in shape.

The flick, again directed by Ron Howard and based on a Dan Brown novel, would find Hanks' mystery-solver on the trail of the Illuminati and a powerful energy source, leading him to the Vatican. The first film was a global box office smash, although I personally don't know anyone who actually liked it.

The altered schedule now means that Hanks has room on his plate for another big project -- expect a scramble for the former Bosom Buddy to commence immediately. Perhaps Frank Darabont's FAHRENHEIT 451?
Extra Tidbit: ANGELS & DEMONS... Hanks has certainly come a long way from MAZES & MONSTERS, huh?
Source: Variety



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