Dafoe clowns it up

I've always been a big fan of Willem Dafoe and it's not only because he's got the creepiest shit-eating grin this side of a serial killer, or because he refuses to call himself William like every other William out there, but because he always manages to add a little bit of spice to his roles. For anyone who has seen Paul Schrader's AUTO-FOCUS (read my review of that film HERE), you must remember this back-and-forth with Greg Kinnear when the latter asks Dafoe, "What is that on my ass?", and Dafoe replies, "That is my hand." Classic, classic stuff. Anyhoo, Dafoe has apparently signed up to do another Schrader flick entitled ADAM RESURRECTED, this one co-starring alongside another unique thespian in Jeff Goldblum. The film focuses on a former circus entertainer who was spared the gas chamber so he might entertain thousands of other Jews as they were marched to their deaths. After the war, he becomes the leader at an asylum populated by Holocaust survivors. Definitely not a popcorn flick by any means, but definitely something interesting that helps offset shite like ARE WE DONE YET?

Extra Tidbit: Willem Dafoe is a vegetarian and practices yoga regularly. No joke.
Source: Variety



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