Daft Punk on Tron 2!

With all due respect to this guy, nothing so far that I've seen or heard about TRON 2 (or whatever the fuck they're calling it these days) has gotten me all that juiced about it. Sure it sounds like it could be cool but then so did DOOMSDAY and well, look how that turned out. But now we've got some TRON 2 news that makes my jeans just slightly tighter. Billboard has confirmed that Daft Punk will be composing the score for the movie. The electronic duo, well-known for their love of robots, have already opened up a new studio in LA to work exclusively on the music. This TR2N music would be their first original release since 2005's "Human After All." Rockers-turned-composers doesn't always turn out well (just ask Beck about his experiences on NACHO LIBRE) but then again we also got Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead's work on THERE WILL BE BLOOD which was nothing short of remarkable. TRON 2 is currently in production and Disney has scheduled a 2011 release, which now seems like an awfully long time away...

Source: Billboard



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