Dahl does Punisher 2?

John Dahl Earlier today, Thomas Jane was lamenting having spent countless hours becoming beefcake man-candy for the upcoming sequel to THE PUNISHER only to be forced to drop out due to producers seemingly wanting to "fuck up" the film. The news was definitely a significant blow to what little hope any of us had for the film actually doing what the original didn't do, which is not suck. However, today the folks over at "Freeze Dried Movies" bring us new hope with an excellent bit of news. According to them, ROUNDERS director John Dahl is in "major talks" to direct Frank Castle's vendetta-fueled mayhem in the sequel. And if that's the case, who knows, he may even be able to coax Jane into returning to deliver some Punisher ass-kickings (that's just speculation on this reporter's part, not part of FDM's scoop). Get one more juicy scoop from the lyophilized movie lovers over HERE. The film was on track for a November 7th release but these recent shenanigans may have changed that.

Extra Tidbit: As per the IMDB, "the scene with the explosion in front of the Bank of America building was not adequately publicized and hundreds of people called 911 thinking it was an actual explosion." Whoops.



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