Dalton in Toy Story 3?

Yes, I mean Dalton as in Timothy Dalton, the fifth best James Bond, by most people's estimations. Disney's John Lassater announced his role in TOY STORY 3 at the Disney Animation Showcase in London, and said Dalton will voice Mr. Pricklepants, a thespian hedgehog toy, though no word on how he fits into the story.

And speaking of story, plot details were revealed at the conference that I certainly hadn’t heard thus far. Supposedly the catalyst to set things in motion is that the toys are thrown away by Andy’s mom after he heads off to college, and eventually they end up at a day care center where they’re abused by toddlers. They must band together (with some new toys, thespian hedgehogs presumably included) to figure out a way escape, and hopefully find a new (or old) owner.

These details emerged because of an unreleased trailer, which implies that we should soon be able to see it for ourselves, if Pixar starts feeling generous. As for the actual movie? I predict with the added revenue from 3D showings, this is going to break some serious records.

Extra Tidbit: Wow, I just realized I was EIGHT when the first TOY STORY came out.
Source: JoBlo



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