Damon says Bourne saga getting the reboot?

We've gotten on Hollywood's case the past couple of years for all the remakes and it seems they've heard us loud and clear: no more remakes! Instead? Tons and tons of reboots!

According to Matt Damon, who was out walking the INVICTUS red carpet in London, a fourth BOURNE film is still "probably another five years away" so in the meanwhile, "there’ll probably be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director." As Empire, who spoke to Damon, notes, it's possible he's just speculating on the future but I have a feeling he's basis this, at least on part, on something he's already heard. I don't think I need to mention aloud what a terrible idea it would be to try and do a BOURNE film without Damon or Paul Greengrass. While BOURNE IDENTITY was an okay film, it was really SUPREMACY and ULTIMATUM that kicked that franchise into high gear.

Damon went on to add, "If you have any ideas, call Universal...They’d love for you to get in touch!” So get your treatments ready people! I'm gonna let them know they should put in a call to Chris Pine and get Kathryn Bigelow to direct.

Extra Tidbit: Maybe they're trying to turn Bourne into the new James Bond?
Source: Empire Online



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