Damon talks Trek

When rumors first surfaced that Matt Damon was rumored to be starring in the upcoming JJ Abrams STAR TREK relaunch, I didn't put much stock in it. For one, it was way too close to when word first broke that Abrams was attached. For two, Abrams came out shortly thereafter and said the news he was directing was overblown. Damon talked to SCI FI - while out promoting THE GOOD SHEPHERD - and said that, as I assumed, he had never been approached about the possibility but that he would be interested. Maybe. ""If the script was good, I'd do it," said Damon. Asked how exactly his name became attached with the role, specifically playing a younger James T. Kirk, he explained "I think...somebody said that at press junket or something, and it got picked up [by the fans]." There has still been much debate about whether Abrams will actually direct or not with word coming in recently that he will, but then no he won't, but maybe he still will... For whatever it's worth, Abrams and "Lost" buddies Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are developing the TREK relaunch for Paramount.

Source: SciFi Wire



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