Damon Wayans isn't getting too old to star in Lethal Weapon pilot for Fox

Late last year, Fox Television put the idea for a LETHAL WEAPON series into development in the hopes of being able to craft something for their network airwaves built on the franchise concept that spawned four big-screen films. Today, they have officially given a pilot order for the show, and apparently Damon Wayans isn't getting too old for this shit.

Damon Wayans has been cast as Roger Murtaugh, a character once originated by Danny Glover in the 1987 film LETHAL WEAPON and its subsequent sequels. Nothing much will change with the role, with Murtaugh lined up as an LAPD detective who, having suffered a recent heart attack, must try his best to reduce stress in his life. Unfortunately for him, being paired up with Martin Riggs, a former Navy SEAL turned loose cannon, is hardly the recipe to make that happen. Riggs (formerly played by Mel Gibson) has yet to be cast.

Before you ask why Fox would make this show a thing, remember that TV reboots of past popular film properties are one of the latest trends as networks mine for sure-thing programming. MINORITY REPORT, LIMITLESS, UNCLE BUCK, SHOOTER, RUSH HOUR, THE EXORCIST, TRAINING DAY, TAKEN, CRUEL INTENTIONS have all been given attempts at the TV treatment in the last year alone. LETHAL WEAPON doesn't appear to be the sign that focus is slowing down one bit.

Source: Variety



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