Dan Brown now working on his own script for The Lost Symbol

Clamoring for more of Tom Hanks in a truly terrible haircut? Well, you're in luck, because Dan Brown has another book lined up for film adaptation, and though Hanks and Ron Howard haven't signed on yet, there is a script in play.

The first draft was done by EASTERN PROMISES' Steven Knight, but now Dan Brown himself is doing a rewrite of it, in contrast to Akiva Goldsman who did the other two films.

I haven't read The Lost Symbol, but I'm willing to guess it's about secret societies, ancient religions and mysteries that can be solved by lots of reading and knowledge of history. Am I on the right track?

I understood the initial appeal for Howard and Hanks to this series, as the Da Vinci Code was a massive best seller seldom seen in this day and age. But after that film was questionable, and it's followup was downright bad, are they really going to come back one more time? Do you think they should?

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Source: Guardian



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