Dane Cook is back

Dane Cook has signed on to star in MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL with Jason Biggs and Kate Hudson. The film is some kind of asshole version of HITCH, where as Cook says: “I’m a guy that you hire when your ex breaks up with you and you want her back... he goes in and dates your girl and is so maniacal and ruthless he drives her completely insane. She starts to feel like you weren’t so bad after all. I force her into the arms of the last guy.” I think my post on Uwe Boll's new movie yesterday proved that I try my best not to rag on everyone and everything, but I can't hold back my contempt for Dane Cook. And it's not even about the joke-stealing thing, it's just that he is just has no screen presence, and to be honest, in his movies - he ain't even that funny. He typically has like three jokes per flick. Dane Cook films are like when you drunkenly stumble into your bathroom and hope that you won't spray urine all over the walls, but the odds just aren't on your side. The only things that made GOOD LUCK CHUCK bearable were Alba and Dan Fogler. And we're trading that for Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs? Well I guess it could've been worse. They could've cast Kate Hudson and a manatee. Or a pitch-fork.
Extra Tidbit: Whoa!
Source: MTV



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