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Dane Cook vs. Poster


Dane Cook has spoken out against the poster for his new flick MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL, via his official Myspace blog. Some of the highlights, being:

"Whoever photoshopped our poster must have done so at taser point with 3 minutes to fulfill their hostage takers deranged obligations.... The left side of my face seems to be melting off of my skull. I guess I am looking directly into the Ark of the Covenant? Are they going for the bells palsy thing here? My left side looks like Brittany Spears' vagina."

Some of the lowlights being:

"...let me just say that my new movie, "My Best Friends Girl," is the best / funniest film I've done yet. It's got a terrific cast. Kate Hudson, Alec Baldwin, Jason Biggs

At this point can people really not spell Britney Spears' name? That chick is in the media more than the President. Or words.
Extra Tidbit: But yeah, terrible poster.
Source: DaneCook.com



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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