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Dane, Marley, Me

Super dreamy hunk of man steak, Eric Dane has signed on to play Owen Wilson's best friend in MARLEY AND ME. The film is about a couple who get a dog to give them a taste of what parenthood might bring, only to find that it is a freaking handful, wreaking havoc, getting kicked out of obedience school, humping people's legs, etc. Of course the whole thing ends well, because it's an Owen Wilson movie. I don't know, whenever someone that isn't Vince Vaughn or Ben Stiller plays Wilson's best friend I just don't buy it. Unless he is a Chinese Indian played by Jackie Chan - then I totally buy it. The book is an adaptation of the best-selling memoir by John Grogan, but most importantly it stars Jennifer Aniston. Now I just have to figure out which is stronger, the desire I have to see Jennifer Aniston on a big screen, or the desire I have to not want to impale myself again like I did when I saw YOU, ME AND DUPREE. If you're a chick or a dude with a girlfriend, you probably see Dane on Grey's Anatomy every week. If not you might remember him from... yep, X-MEN: THE LAST STAND. I try not to remember it, but sometimes I am just not strong enough.
Extra Tidbit: Dane was once on Saved By The Bell!
Source: Variety



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