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I've been wondering why I haven't heard a damn single thing about CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND. I know George Clooney's being ultra-secretive about his directorial debut but this is ridiculous. It's as if the film isn't scheduled to hit theaters in 6 months. For a normal film that might be normal to not register a blip on the radar this early on. But for a film starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell, you'd think Miramax would be hyping the shit out of it. At least a teaser trailer this summer. So far we've seen nothing. Until now...

"HisDudeness" from the JoBlo.com Message Boards was kind enough to tip me off to the first image of Sam Rockwell as Chuck Barris in the film, online at TMNC.org. It's not a promotional still but what actually looks like a photograph of a scene from the dailies. Here we see a gruff, bearded Barris holding a gun with a silencer. Equally as exciting is the news that the first 7 pages of the script, which detail this very scene the pic is from, are online here for your perusal. Check this stuff out and hope that we see more from this in the near future. CONFESSIONS hits theaters this holiday season.

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p.s. - on an interesting sidenote, notice this is article number "666"....

Source: TMNC
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