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Daniel Radcliffe gets spooked in the Woman in Black trailer


With Harry Potter behind him, Daniel Radcliffe is looking to break out of his box in a way that doesn’t require getting naked with horses on stage.

He’s set for a Victorian-era thriller, WOMAN IN BLACK, where he must investigate a haunted house. It looks suitably creepy, but boy, is it ever going to be hard to not see him as a boy wizard. Even during this trailer, I was picturing him as an auror, ready to whip out his wand and send these demons back to hell with a patronus.

Check out the trailer below, and see if you can dissociate him. It might take a few films after this one, but I think he’ll get there and be one of those child actors who actually grows up and succeeds in the business.

Extra Tidbit: I laugh any time I even THINK about his guest spot on Extras.
Source: JoBlo.com



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