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Daniel Radcliffe has met with Marvel; was it for Doctor Strange?


In an interview with BBC Radio, Daniel Radcliffe said he recently had a conversation with Marvel, and some think he might be up for a role in one of their upcoming films. Radcliffe revealed the news while talking about dressing up as Spider-Man at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

I went as Spider-Man this year. Which is half childish wish fulfillment to actually be Spider-Man and half that’s the only way that I could have walked around the floor at Comic-Con. I actually talked to some of the guys from Marvel not long ago, and they were saying 'We're just going to wait for somebody at Comic-Con to build an actual Iron Man suit, and then we’re just going to buy it and use it for the film.' Like they can’t wait for that to happen.

Just because Daniel Radcliffe has met with Marvel doesn't mean he's definitely being considered for a role in a new movie, and as some have pointed out, maybe it was just a friendly conversation with a few people from the studio.

However, that hasn't stopped people from speculating the actor might be up for a role in Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE. Personally, I think Radcliffe looks a little too young to play the Sorcerer Supreme (especially since it's been rumored the movie won't be an origin story), but perhaps his meeting was about playing a different character in Scott Derrickson's film.

Do you think Daniel Radcliffe is up for Doctor Strange?

Extra Tidbit: Which comic book character (Marvel or DC) do you think would be a good fit for Daniel Radcliffe?



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