Danny Boyle says he's just waiting for the right time to make a Trainspotting sequel

When doing the recent press rounds for 127 HOURS, director Danny Boyle spoke to Cinematical and revealed some thoughts on the potential for a sequel to his breakthrough 1996 film TRAINSPOTTING and when we might actually see it. Basically, Ewan McGregor and company need to hurry up and age.

"It will happen, I think. I mean, we'll approach them all again about it, but it will depend on what place they're all at. We have a very strong idea that it would be a wonderful thing to reapproach, to do again, when they have aged clearly into a mid-life kind of crisis, basically. They're not quite there yet, I don't think."

On the subject of the book Porno, the sequel to Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting from which the original film was adapted, Boyle agreed with his star Ewan McGregor who has been quoted in the past as saying that it's "not as good as Trainspotting":

"He's right of course that the book, 'Porno,' is not a great book in the way that 'Trainspotting,' the original novel, is genuinely a masterpiece, I think, as a piece of writing. But we have been doing some work on it, and it's got potential, yeah, for sure. And when the moment's right, I think we will approach it."

To read more of Boyle's thoughts, head on over to Cinematical.
Extra Tidbit: Boyle has credited Spike Jonze's Beastie Boys' music video "Sabotage" for influencing the opening sequence of TRAINSPOTTING.
Source: Cinematical



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