Danny Boyle shares some notes on 28 Months Later as well as other projects during a screening for 127 Hours

Our very own and awesome Jason Adams attended at screening of 127 HOURS last night and handed us over some tidbits.

After the screening Boyle had a few things to say about some of his projects, including 28 MONTHS LATER which I mentioned he might be helming. But I'm afraid the talk of that project was really only that for now.

Here are the tidbits that Jason had for us:

-He said the recent rumors about him directing 28 MONTHS LATER are overblown. He had an idea and mentioned it just to "keep hope alive" for fans of the series, but things aren't progressing past that stage.

-Same with PORNO, they have an idea and intent to make it, but the TRAINSPOTTING cast needs to reach a certain age and look before it would make sense. And since Ewan MacGregor is "like Dorian Gray" it may be awhile.

-He's doing a stage play in London next and then he's directing the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, so he's booked solid until then and said not to expect anything til after that.

-He also told a great story about how they filmed the opening of 28 DAYS LATER in a deserted London. Since they were too small a production to warrant street closures, he just had hot girls ask individual cars to stop and wait and it worked.

Let's move hope into actuality. We could petition.

Extra Tidbit: Boyle's favorite film is APOCALYPSE NOW.
Source: JoBlo.com



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