Danny DeVito to speak for the trees in The Lorax

Alright, so I wasn't terribly enthused about the prospect of THE LORAX being turned into an animated feature, but with this latest announcement, I'm actually on board. Danny DeVito will voice the The Lorax himself, the little dude who speaks for the trees.

This is great because his voice would be awesome for it, but also even though this is CGI, I keep picturing him actually dressed up as The Lorax, and it's hilarious in my own mind. But as for how he's actually going to look, you can see him to the right, animated by Illumination, recently behind DESPICABLE ME. 

DeVito joins Ed Helms (voicing the villainous Once-ler, wrecking the landscape to producer Thneeds, which everyone needs) and Zac Efron (voicing the heroic Ted trying to save the colorful environment). Rob Riggle and Betty White (naturally) are showing up as characters that weren't in the actual book, Once-ler's lieutenant and Ted's grandmother.

Dr. Seuss' cautionary tale about protecting the environment may seem a bit heavy handed in this day and age, but it sure was the shit when i was five, though I don't think it curbed my littering habits to any significant degree in my youth.  

Extra Tidbit: One of the greatest mysteries of my childhood was trying to comprehend what "UNLESS" meant at the end of that book. It makes sense now.
Source: USAToday



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