Danny McBride gets funny with Aziz Ansari in an untitled comedy

It's RAAAANDY and Kenny Powers!

Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride will be teaming up for an untitled comedy for Mandate Pictures.

Right now there aren't too many details on the project. 30 ROCK writer Matt Hubbard and Ansari pitched the winning idea. Harris Wittels (PARKS & RECREATION) will pen the script.

This won't be the first film that Ansari and McBride will be seen in together. The two are working on 30 MINUTES OR LESS, where McBride will star a pizza guy on a caper. Aziz is soon to host the MTV Movies Awards on June 6th. Don't expect any surprises when it comes to the winners of the Movie Awards. All you need to know is that if NEW MOON is nominated or a star of that movie is nominated, they will win.

So where's Danny McBride been? Well, he just wrapped filming on YOUR HIGHNESS and is working on season two of EASTBOUND AND DOWN. Speaking of the second season, I wanted to give some info for those wondering what Kenny Powers will be up to next. This season promises to be a lot darker and will do away with the majority of the cast since he's headed off to Mexico. Look forward to seeing Michael Pena (OBSERVE AND REPORT) as well as Ana de la Reguera (NACHO LIBRE). I don't know anything else about it, but I hear it's going to be f*cking crazy.

Extra Tidbit: Ansari turned down an unknown role in TRANSFORMERS.
Source: Deadline



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