Danny Trejo signs for first post-Machete role in motorcycle thriller Tarantula

Did you think Danny Trejo would turn his back on his indie roots after starring in Fox's MACHETE did you? In his first role after his big breakout, Trejo has signed on to the indie biker thriller TARANTULA. While Trejo is a handsome dude, that to your right is not Mr. Trejo but his soon-to-be co-star Erin Cummings (BITCH SLAP).

The film will star Trejo as a biker gang leader on the hunt for a woman (Cummings) who tries to escape the gang to find a new life. Has she not seen enough movies to know that never works? You know, ust when I thought I was out... they pull me back in, and all that jazz?

But perhaps the best news for fans of low-budget B-movies is the news that TARANTULA will be directed by Oley Sassone, who's best known to VHS bargain big junkies like me as the director of Roger Corman's FANTASTIC FOUR. Sassone, who will be working with a budget only slightly larger than his FANTASTIC FOUR money, will begin filming on the project this November in Detroit.

Trejo is reportedly working with Robert Rodriguez on MACHETE sequels and prequels and hopefully we'll be getting some news on those soon.

Extra Tidbit: Thankfully this movie wasn't about a giant tarantula on the loose killing people cause that would've scared the shit out of me.
Source: THR



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