Dano joins Cruise

Paul Dano, the actor who Quentin Tarantino feels is the only weak leek in THERE WILL BE BLOOD, has signed on to star alongside Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in the upcoming action-thriller WICHITA. In the film, Dano will play an inventor who has created a "powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite power source." Said invention is assigned to Cruise's super spy to protect, right while he's trying to romance the lovely girl from Wichita (Diaz). Oh, the timing!

Dano, who is allergic to smiling, can be seen (or rather heard) next month in Spike Jonze's WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Strangely news of Dano's casting comes with word that filming on WICHITA will begin next month in Boston. But didn't Cruise and Diaz just film a remote segment for Jay Leno from the set of the film just last week (this news report would seem to confirm that filming indeed started last week).

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, find me TWO pictures of Paul Dano smiling.
Source: Variety



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