Dan's real poster

DAN IN REAL LIFE seems like the kind of movie Steve Carrell should be making, not EVAN ALMIGHTY. DAN sounds like a truthful comedy, about a widower (Carrell) who has three daughters, writes a parenting column, and falls in love with his younger brother's girlfriend (the odd couple of Dane Cook and Juliette Binoche). If you're a fan of THE OFFICE, then you know Carrell can pull of comedy while extracting empathy from his audience at the same time. DAN IN REAL LIFE was directed by Peter Hedges (PIECES OF APRIL) and we've got your first look at the poster. It features Steve Carrell resting his head on a stack of pancakes. I love this film's title, the tagline works, and I anticipate the trailer more than I do my first born. You can meet Dan on October 12 and click his sorry eyes to ENLARGE.
Extra Tidbit: Dane Cook was the first celebrity on Myspace to hit 2 million friends. Do people still use Myspace?
Source: Comingsoon.net



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