Darabont still working on 451?

While out and about promoting THE MAJESTIC (which is performing terribly and killing its chances at any Academy Awards) writer/director Frank Darabont spoke out about his attachment to the feature film adaptation of Ray Bradbury's classic FAHRENHEIT 451.  He said that he approached Mel Gibson, who snatched up the rights in the mid-90s, to see if he was still interested. Gibson is apparently no longer interested in the film and Darabont asked if he would be willing to let him direct instead.

Mel agreed and Darabont is hard at work on adapting the script.  As to whether he will direct the film or not, Darabont isn't quite sure as he'd like to take time off after the lengthy writing process. He also added that not only was Gibson no longer interested in directing the film, he also opted out of starring, saying someone younger should be playing renegade firefighter Guy Montag.  Interestingly enough, Darabont hinted at none-other-than Paul Walker (JOY RIDE, FAST AND THE FURIOUS) when asked about a potential star....

Source: Variety
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