Darabont writing Indy 4?

It was recently reported in a Variety column that SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE writer Tom Stoppard would be writing the fourth INDIANA JONES installment. It seems that his schedule didn't fit well into that of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and he's moved on to other projects. So that seemed to leave things up in the air as far as the script goes. They've confirmed they've got the idea for an INDY 4 but no one's put pen to paper yet using that idea. But it looks like they may have found their man.

FilmForce is reporting that Lucas and Spielberg have decided on Frank Darabont as the writer of INDIANA JONES 4. As they astutely point out, Darabont started his work as a writer on "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" which would, at the very least, make him familiar with the characters. While Darabont has confirmed that he's working on FARANHEIT 451 as his next script, could the Lucas/Spielberg juggernaut convince him otherwise? When asked to comment, LucasFilm reps gave their usual neither confirm nor deny stance to the report. As long as Darabont doesn't turn Indiana Jones into a Capra-esque character it's all good by me. You can read FilmForce's original story by clicking here.

Source: FilmForce
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