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After the disappointing failure of THE MAJESTIC with both audiences and critics, director Frank Darabont says he's looking forward to getting back into writing. Darabont checked in at the official website for author Robert McCammon to say his next project would be adapting the author's novel MINE.  "Now that the last five years of intense directing crapola is behind me, I'm absolutely blissed about shifting gears back into writing mode for a year or two. Topping my list of priorities are at long last finishing MINE (I've had the first HALF of the script written for five years now, but got waylaid by GREEN MILE and MAJESTIC!)," said Darabont in his posting on the site. Also on his "To Do List" are adapting Stephen King's short story THE MIST and writing a script for FAHRENHEIT 451. Darabont also hints that any of these scripts are "possible directing/producing projects."

Here's a quick idea (paraphrased from the book jacket), about what to expect from Darabont's MINE:

Robert McCammon's MINE

Laura Clayborne is a successful journalist.  Mary Terrell, aka Mary Terror, is a scarred and battered survivor of the radical '60s. Once a member of the fanatical Storm Front Brigade, Mary now lives in a hallucinatory world of memories, guns, and above all, murderous rage. Prompted by a personals ad in Rolling Stone, she becomes convinced the former leader of the Brigade is commanding her to bring him the child she was once carrying. Mary Terror steals Laura's baby from a hospital room, and heads west on her journey of the damned: clutching an innocent child to her side and killing anyone who gets in her way. Stunned, weakened, Laura realizes that the woman who stole her baby is getting away with it, and sets out to hunt her down. What Laura doesn't know is that the closer she gets to Mary Terror the more she will have to learn to think and act like her---even to kill like her....

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