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I'll be honest with you.  This job ain't always peaches and cream.   There's a lot of hard work and frustration involved and sometimes through the daily grind, you can forget why you got into it in the first place.  Every once in a while though, something comes along that makes me remember how lucky I am to be doing what I'm doing.   It's not always the big stuff like interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger (although that was cool), but the little things.  The inside, secret things I'm not supposed to see.  The stuff that few other people have laid eyes upon.  Yesterday was one of those days where I received one of those things.

A small manilla envelope came in the mail yesterday.  No return address, just a typed label to "Michael Sampson c/o JoBlo.com".  These are always my favorite packages cause you never know what could be inside.  It could be a pass to the set of STAR WARS: EPISODE 3 or it could be a pipe bomb that'd blast my face into little bits.  So I anxiously ripped it open and didn't see anything inside at first.  I held it upside down and out fell a little red pouch.

The coin pouch
The mysterious red pouch...

I picked it up wondering what the hell it could be.  The top was cinched shut so I pulled it open and stuck two fingers inside (keep the dirty jokes to a minimum).  I felt a piece of paper and pulled it out.  It was a Post-It note folded into a small square and in small, red ink, this is what it read:

"Enjoying your coverage of DD.  Thought you'd enjoy this promotional trinket Fox made up.  Can't say how I came about it but I know people who know people, etc.  - Anon."

DAREDEVIL Coin (Front)

Daredevil Coin (Back)

These aren't the greatest quality scans in the world and doesn't quite do it justice, so let me describe.  The coin is made of a shiny silver and approximately 2 inches in diameter.   On one side, as you can see, it says "Man Without Fear," and on the other, in Braille, is the word "Daredevil."  How cool is this! After reading Daredevil comics since I was a wee one, to be holding in my hand a promo item for a DD movie is so surreal. Very, very cool stuff in my book.  I really dig the Braille angle and I hope that's something that Fox plays with in future marketing material for the film.  This is the first of any kind of official Fox promotional material I've seen for the film and now I'm wondering what else is being cooked up behind-the-scenes (all kinds of cool things I'm guessing).  Before I go, I've got to send a thanks out to Mr. Anonymous who sent this coin my way.  Whoever you are, you da man!  You've restored my girlish excitement in this business!  And to you, the loyal reader, make sure to check back often at this very page as we'll continue to bring you the latest news regarding DAREDEVIL (and all those other films too!).

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